Neal Caffrey
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Neal Caffrey

White Collar

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About Him

Grew up… without a father. His mother told him that his father, a cop, died taking down the bad guys. But that wasn’t true – he was arrested for killing a fellow cop. When Neal found this out, he took his mother’s last name, and left high school before graduating.

Living… the free life in New York. Neal spent years as a con artist and forger, until dogged FBI agent Peter Burke finally caught him and put him behind bars. Now Neal has made a deal: he can leave prison if he uses his insider knowledge to solve white collar crimes with the FBI.

Profession… consultant with the FBI White Collar Crimes Division. Peter is his handler, and he watches him like a hawk. But Neal has no intention of going back to prison, so he works hard not to get caught while doing his “extracurricular activities.”

Interests… art. Neal is a talented painter who only uses his skills to forge other people’s work. He also enjoys a wide variety of luxuries including fine wine and tailored suits.

Relationship Status… on hold. He had a girlfriend, Kate, and they were great together. Then Neal got caught. Now that he’s on the outside, she’s disappeared, leaving a mysterious request for help. That’s why Neal made the deal with Peter – he needs to find and help Kate.

Challenge… finding Kate, and resisting falling back into his old life. Sometimes, the cases he’s supposed to be solving contradict his own interests, and ultimately, being an FBI dog is a lot less fun than an adventuring conman.

Personality… charming, capable, and creative. Neal is a people person, and can talk to everyone en route to grifting them. He’s a romantic, and an aesthete, incredibly offended by a bad forgery or a mismatched outfit. He’s also intelligent, having taught himself multiple foreign languages and art history. But he is also a thief, and he doesn’t trust anyone, even his friends.

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