Nathan "Rad" Spencer

Nathan "Rad" Spencer

Bionic Commando

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About Him

Grew Up...  in the armed forces. Nathan Spencer began his military career in the United States military. Unfortunately, a grenade explosion robbed him of his left arm and a normal future.

Living... in Ascension City. The city is Spencer’s base of operations. He is even honored in Ascension City’s Avenue of Heroes for defeating a revived Adolf Hitler and rescuing legendary commando “Super” Joe Gibson. However, the city is also ground zero of the BioReign attack.

Profession... Bionic Commando. Thanks to the Tactical Arms and Security Committee, or TASC, Spencer was given an advanced robotic arm. His nickname “Rad” comes from his codename “Research and Development #1.” He is now a highly effective bionic commando.

Interests... mastering his bionic arm. Although Spencer was already the most proficient bionic commando, he still has a lot to learn in order to perfect his full capabilities. The arm’s guns and powerful grappling hook make it perfect for combat and locomotion. However, as he says, “It’s the man that counts, not the machine.”

Relationship Status... separated. Nathan’s wife has mysteriously gone missing, and he is determined to find her. Gibson knows something about it, but he won’t share anything with Spencer until the mission is complete.

Challenge... stopping BioReign. As bionic implants became more common, humanity eventually began to fear them. When anti-bionic hysteria was at a fever pitch, Spencer was falsely imprisoned for being a bionic terrorist. Now, to clear his name, he must stop whoever is really behind the deadly “BioReign” attacks.          

Personality... despondent. With his wife missing, his arm mutilated, and his freedom in jeopardy, Spencer doesn’t feel quite so rad. And it’s hard to blame him.

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