Nathan Drake

Nathan Drake


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in the Saint Francis Boys’ Home. With his mother deceased, his father gave up custody. Nathan’s birth name is a mystery, but he changed his name to Nathan Drake, claiming to be a descendant of the famous explorer, Francis Drake.

Visiting… exotic locations. Nate doesn’t stay in one place for too long. He’s always on the hunt for the next big treasure, leading him to ancient mystical places like El Dorado and Shambhala.

Profession… treasure hunter and professional thief. Nate seeks his fortune wherever he can find it. Though he has a particular interest in discovering more about Sir Francis Drake, Nate also works for hire, picking up dangerous jobs that lead him to ancient and secret ruins.

Interests… treasure and adventure. Nate’s life revolves around the pursuit of gold and priceless artifacts. But he doesn’t mind a little mystery while he’s on his many journeys.

Relationship Status… complicated. Nate used to be something of a ladies’ man with his devilish charm and dashing good looks, and has had an on-again-off-again romance with a fellow treasure hunter, Chloe Frazer. But he’s also deeply infatuated with Elena Fisher, an American journalist with a shared fondness for adventure. While his relationships with Chloe and Elena often conflict, as Nate gets older, he’s starting to see more of a reliable and stable relationship with Elena.

Challenge… discovering lost ancient ruins and claiming their treasures without getting killed. Nate’s work puts him in a lot of competition with other, less friendly treasure hunters and mercenaries. On top of this, Nate often runs into a lot of supernatural forces when he’s digging through a lot of ancient burial grounds, forcing him to fight off dangerous creatures in order to survive.

Personality… charming, humorous, and determined. Nathan is a puckish rogue with a penchant for making jokes in the face of his enemies. But don’t let his humor fool you – he’s an incredibly talented survivalist and tough fighter. While he’s generally a good guy who will only kill people for the sake of his own survival, he can come off as a bit insensitive, especially in the face of death. However, he begins to learn a lot more about compassion and loyalty when he meets Elena.


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