Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in a virtual afterlife. Nathan died in a tragic self-driving car accident and died while he was only twenty-seven. His life has been turned upside down, literally. As he says, "A month ago, I wasn't even planning on attending my own funeral, but I really never would've guessed that it would suck this hard." For those who can afford it, human consciousnesses can be uploaded to a virtual afterlife, and lucky for Nathan, his girlfriend has a legacy subscription to Lakeview and uploaded him on her account. It is a difficult adjustment from the real world, but Nathan comes to accept that it's better than being completely gone.

Profession… software engineer. Before his death, Nathan was pursuing a business venture with his friend Jamie where they were trying to create their own virtual afterlife that would be free for the user base. This was controversial and groundbreaking because the existing afterlives were incredibly pricey and required years of saving for the average person to afford.

Relationship Status… involved with Ingrid. The power dynamics shifted severely after Nathan’s death because he was uploaded on Ingrid’s account, giving her full control of whether he lives on in the digital realm. To make things more complicated, Nathan has developed a crush on Nora, his personal guardian in the afterlife. If Ingrid were to learn about his feelings toward Nora, she could severely restrict his access to amenities or even kill him entirely since she has no legal obligation to keep him uploaded.

Challenge… memory loss. Upon being uploaded, Nathan’s memory files mysteriously began to be corrupted and deleted. He cannot remember specific details about the work he was doing in his life. This has prompted an investigation from Nora, his guardian, who has never seen this issue with any other upload. She expects foul play.

Personality… compassionate and, at times, goofy. During his lifetime, Nathan put a lot of emphasis on his family and had great relationships with both his mother and his niece. His optimism and support for the two were hard to live without after his unexpected passing. After being uploaded, he quickly made friends with some of his new neighbors and became part of his guardian’s support system when she needed it most. He has a generally all-American and wholesome demeanor and is a loyal guy who tries to have the best interests of those around him at heart.


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