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Natalie Keener

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Overview… a young woman with big plans.Natalie barges into Career Transitions Corporation (CTC) with a hot-off-the-presses Cornell diploma and a folder full of ideas on how to optimize the company, which specializes in dismissing workers so that employers don’t have to. Natalie, however, doesn’t know the first thing about firing people. Ryan Bingham, a skeptic of her plans to replace in-person layoffs with videoconferences, quickly points this out. The owner of CTC, Craig Gregory, forces Ryan to take Natalie under his wing so that she can learn about the business. Thus emerges one of the most reluctant apprenticeships in corporate history.

Personality... ambitious, strait-laced, and sensitive. Natalie has lots of ideas for CTC, but lacks the charm and improvisational skills needed to succeed in getting them heard and implemented. Her rigid adherence to manuals and rules is often disadvantageous, as lay-offs rarely proceed in a set fashion. This, coupled with the fact that she gets emotional about disappointing others, probably means that Natalie should switch careers – a piece of advice that she would not take too kindly. But she does seem destined for success somewhere; the question is whether it will be at CTC.

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