Natalie Hurley
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Natalie Hurley

Sports Night

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About Her

Living… in New York City. For the hyper-caffeinated Natalie, the Big Apple is an excellent fit. But she seems to spend most of her time in the office.

Profession… associate producer at Sports Night on the Contintental Sports Channel. Natalie is amazing at what she does. Probably too good for her position, in fact, but she loves Sports Night and her co-workers too much to look for a job anywhere else. 

Interests… sports, TV journalism, and office gossip. Natalie has always dreamed of being on camera instead of behind it, and she could be – she’s charming, well-spoken, and quick on her feet. But Natalie also cares more than anything about her friends at Sports Night, and she couldn’t bear to leave them. If she did, who would tell her friend (and boss) Dana what’s been going on in their co-workers’ lives? 

Relationship Status… single. But she “may have certain feelings for Jeremy,” the newly hired producer at Sports Night. Always the professional – and, equally, the accidental and sometimes purposeful gossip – Natalie avoids supervising Jeremy at work in order to prevent any appearance of bias. Of course, this just serves to broadcast her feelings for Jeremy. 

Challenge… keeping secrets when she’s supposed to. As executive producer Dana’s right hand, Natalie often ends up finding out information no one else is supposed to know just yet. That’s especially when it involves their ever-annoying network supervisors, who are constantly making threats to Sports Night’s beloved status quo because of the show’s mediocre ratings. Natalie has a tendency to spread office gossip because she cares, and it’s hard for her to keep important information from her closest friends, especially when it could have a huge effect on their lives.

Personality… neurotic, animated, and driven. Natalie talks too fast and thinks too much, but her energetic demeanor is only a result of her dedication, whether it be to her friends or her work. For the former, she is loyal and thoughtful, though sometimes a little pushy; and in the latter she is a highly competent, reliable perfectionist. 

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