Natalie Cook
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Natalie Cook

Charlie's Angels

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About Her

Grew Up… kind of awkward. Natalie had headgear, bad glasses, and a weird hairdo. Who knew that this geeky teen would become the ultimate badass bombshell? Puberty really can work wonders.

Living... in sunny California. Natalie lives alone, so she can dance around in her underwear whenever she wants. You can find her shimmying around the house almost every morning.

Profession… a private investigator. Natalie works for Charlie, a mysterious, unseen millionaire who uses a speaker to communicate with his team (a.k.a. the Angels). As a tech whiz, scientist, and martial arts expert, she’s an invaluable member of the Angels.

Interests... dancing. Natalie has the enthusiasm to make an entire club chant “Go white girl! Go white girl!” in unison. She dreams about taking to the main stage of Soul Train with her wacky but infectious moves.

Relationship Status... single. Natalie tends to get tongue-tied around cute guys, describing herself variously as “balls-out Natalie” and “brand new, like a virgin.” She really needn’t worry, though. One golden hair-flip is all it takes for any potential love interest to become utterly smitten. 

Challenge... completing the Angels’ latest mission. Software genius Eric Knox has been kidnapped. It’s up to Natalie and her teammates, Alex and Dylan, to locate and return him to safety.

Personality... bubbly, goofy, and unassuming. Natalie seems totally unaware of the fact that she’s an absolute stunner. This gorgeous blonde has both beauty and brains, making her a worthy addition to Charlie’s Angels. 

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