Nanny McPhee
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Nanny McPhee

Nanny McPhee

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Living... with the Brown family, for now. Appearing on their doorstep one rainy night, Nanny McPhee arrives with her own brand of magic, literally bewitching the family and initiating their road to improvement. Her charges, the widowed Mr. Brown's seven rowdy (and quite sadistic) children, do not take well to her: “We got rid of the last 17 nannies, we're getting rid of this one too.” They soon find out, however, that Nanny McPhee is a very different sort of nanny, and getting rid of her won't be so easy.

Profession...nanny, of course. The way she works is very clear: “When you need me, but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, then I must go.” With a touch of magic at her aid (or rather, in her walking stick), Nanny McPhee sets out to teach five lessons to the children: they must learn to go to bed when they are told, they are to get up when they are told, they are to get dressed when they are told, they are to listen, and they are to do as they are told. As the children encounter additional obstacles in the form of the overbearing Great Aunt Adelaide, who is threatening to tear apart the family; and the crude Ms. Quickly, who wants to marry their father, they find that Nanny McPhee's guidance extends far beyond the five lessons. Even she admits, “I have five lessons to teach. What lessons they learn is entirely up to them.”

Interests... fixing the Browns. Nanny McPhee takes a keen interest in repairing the dynamic of the dysfunctional family, coming to their rescue even on her one day off. Although hired to sort the kids out, Nanny McPhee exerts her influence over the adults as well, including Mr. Brown, the servant Evangeline, Great Aunt Adelaide, and Ms. Quickly. Thus, despite her insistence against interfering in family affairs, she clearly takes great pleasure in doing just that.

Relationship Status... single, probably. After all, she spends all of her time with the Browns!

Challenge... dealing with seven ill-behaved children. However, one would not think this a challenge simply by looking at her. Perpetually calm and collected, Nanny McPhee approaches the children with an assuredness that clearly escaped the other 17 nannies. Then again, not everyone has a magical walking stick at their disposal.

Personality... self-assured, smart, and understatedly charming. Her gray hair, facial warts, unibrow, bulbous nose, and snaggletooth belie her incredible appeal, which becomes more apparent over time. Further aided by her mysteriousness, those around her simply cannot help wanting to know – and eventually, appreciate – her.

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