Nancy Thompson
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Nancy Thompson

A Nightmare on Elm Street

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About Her

Living… on Elm Street in the 1980’s. Since her parents’ divorce, she rarely sees her father. And her mother isn’t there for her either since she is drunk most of the time.

Profession... high school student. Though it’s hard to stay awake through her classes. She doesn’t get much sleep because of the terrifying nightmares she has been having. The same guy is in them every night. Instead of fingernails, he has sharp knives sticking out of a glove. And he is burned all over his body. The only thing about him that is not burned is the black fedora he dons on his head.

Interests… pretty wholesome. She’s a sweet girl.

Relationship Status... dating Glen, who she thinks is perfect for her. He is an all-American athlete with the looks of a young Johnny Depp. But like everyone else, he is starting to think she is going nuts.

Challenge... facing her worst nightmares. A string of murders and suicides have happened too rapidly to be coincidental. She fears that the guy in her nightmares – she learns his name is Freddy Krueger – is behind them, and she must avoid sleeping to keep anyone else from being killed. So caffeine is her best friend.

Personality... tough. As she says, “I’m into survival.” She is not going to go down without a fight. And since no one else believes her, it is up to her to save herself.

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