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Living… in in the upscale town of Agrestic, with Judah, her husband, and their sons Silas and Shane. It’s the American Dream, as far as Nancy is concerned, and all is until her husband Judah dies unexpectedly of a heart attack.

Profession… drug dealer. Nancy was formerly a housewife, as Judah’s engineer salary was more than enough to pay the bills. She wants the best for her kids, and starts selling weed to generate income after Judah’s death. She starts by selling humble dimebags to neighbors, and she has no trouble rationalizing her new profession. "I’m not a dealer,” she says,  “I’m a mother who happens to distribute illegal products through a sham bakery set up by my ethically questionable CPA and his crooked lawyer friend." 

Interests… iced coffee: nectar of the gods.

Relationship Status… widowed. Nancy met Judah while attending Cal-Berkeley, and they enjoyed a relatively happy marriage for 17 years up until his death. Newly single and new to the marijuana distribution industry, she isn’t afraid to seduce her competitors to protect her market share.

Challenge… surviving the cutthroat world of suburban drug dealing. She opens a bakery so she can launder her revenue and develops rivalries with dealers, many of whom are gang-affiliated, as she expands her fledgling business. It’s a lot to manage but once the money starts flowing in, it’s hard to turn back to a straitlaced life.

Personality… impulsive, resourceful, and resilient. She is a bundle of energy who easily rolls with the punches. And the universe has been punching her a lot. Her survival instincts kick in when she becomes a single parent, but even when she’s thriving, she continues selling pot, addicted to the thrill.

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