Nana Osaki

Nana Osaki


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… practically an orphan. Nana's never known her father and her mother left when she was 4, so Nana's only real family growing up was her strict grandmother. When her grandmother died, Nana was left to live on her own.

Living... in Tokyo, with roommate Nana "Hachi" Komatsu. On the train ride to Tokyo, the two Nanas meet, strike up a pleasant conversation, and then part without expecting to see each other ever again. Two days later, however, Nana O is surprised to see a familiar face at an apartment viewing, and it isn't long before the two Nanas are living together and telling each other their deepest secrets.  

Profession… aspiring musician. Nana O is currently the lead singer of The Black Stones (or BLAST). Back in their hometown, BLASTwas a fairly successful band, with fans both male and female idolizing pretty, cool Nana. But as much as she loves her fans, Nana has bigger dreams – she wants to go to Tokyo and finally make it big.

Interests… punk fashion and music. From her cigarettes to her clothes, Nana O looks the part of the punk rocker she is, all piercings and sharp angles. But despite her love for the Sex Pistolsand Vivienne Westwood, Nana is "still a girl, after all. I still want to wear nice clothes. And I do yearn for a nice guy."

Relationship Status… complicated. Not too long ago, Nana was happily dating Ren, BLAST's bassist, but that all changed when Ren moved to Tokyo to pursue a career with up-and-coming band Trapnest. The two still deeply care for each other, but Nana wants to focus on BLAST's success right now. When she meets Ren again, she wants to be not just his girlfriend, but his professional equal.

Challenge… making it as a musician. A talented singer, Nana's got the skills and ambition to make BLAST a success, but life's a tricky thing. From tangled romances to nosy reporters, becoming famous is a struggle. Still, Nana remains undaunted. After all, as she puts it, "Life is about getting knocked down over and over, but still getting up each time. If you get up, you win."

Personality… strong-willed and occasionally aloof, but fiercely loyal. Nana hasn't had an easy life, and so she's more world-savvy and reluctant to trust than her cheerful roommate, Nana K. Still, for all her outward toughness, Nana O values her friends deeply, and would do anything to defend those she loves.

See Her In... the anime. Based on the manga of the same name, Nana follows the adventures of two young women named Nana who, despite their opposite personalities, live together in Tokyo and become close friends. Alternating between romantic Nana K and independent Nana O, Nana is the realistic, poignant tale of two very different young women and the friendship that grows between them as they navigate being young in a big city. 


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