Nacho Varga

Nacho Varga

    Better Call Saul

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… with his loving father. The humble owner of an auto shop, Nacho’s father showed him what it is like to make an honest living and instilled within him his work ethic and sense of integrity. However, the inevitable demands of life are not always sufficiently met through these honest methods. Unlike his father, Nacho is not afraid to look for alternative means to make ends meet for his family.

Living… dangerously in a hotspot for drug trafficking. Albuquerque is a nice enough city on the surface, but underground there exists a constant influx of illegal drugs smuggled by the cartel. Partaking in these operations is not for the faint of heart, thus Nacho’s ability to stay calm under pressure is invaluable given the high stress situations he encounters on a daily basis.

Profession… a grunt for the cartel. As with any large-scale operation like the cartel, those at the top need people at the bottom to do much of the dirty work. Few are better than Nacho at carrying out this much needed job.

Interests… helping out at the auto shop. Nacho is always trying to support his father in any way possible—and sometimes it is nice for him to do so in a way that his father actually approves of.

Relationship status… single. Nacho constantly has a lot on his mind and much more pressing things to worry about at the moment before seeking a stable relationship. The last thing he wants is to put someone else he cares about in harm’s way.

Challenge… reconciling his role within the cartel with his normal life. Nacho understands what it means to be, as he puts it, “in the game”, and how difficult it is to escape that underground world once one is in it. One day Nacho hopes to leave the cartel behind for good, but for now, he must perform his duties properly to avoid dire consequences.

Personality… stoic, cold, and hard-working, yet caring at heart. Nacho is a more than reliable worker for those who employ him, but whatever he does he does with the interest of his family in mind. And when something threatens their well-being, he will do whatever it takes to protect them.


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