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Grew Up... with a heart. As the fairytale prince of The Prince and the Raven, when Mytho found his town under attack by the monstrous Raven, he shattered his own heart to seal the raven away. But while this decision has kept the town safe ever since, it's also left Mytho without emotions and many of his memories.

Living... at Gold Crown Academy, where he rooms with Fakir. Due to his lack of a heart, Mytho often gets in trouble due to a lack of things like "fear" and "caution," so Fakir acts as an informal guardian for his roommate.

Profession... ballet student, though he doesn't need to be one. Technically, Mytho is a virtuoso, though his dancing has been noted to lack emotion – another side-effect, it seems, of being literally heartless.

Interests... very few. As the prince of his town, Mytho probably had plenty of interests, but after sacrificing his heart, all that he retains of his former personality is an instinct to help others. But coupled with a lack of fear, this means that Mytho's attempts to help others often ends with him getting hurt.

Relationship Status... dating Rue, the star ballerina at Gold Crown. It's hardly a genuine relationship since Mytho doesn't even know what love is, but Rue doesn't seem to mind.

Challenge... dealing with getting his heart back. Summoned by the author of The Prince and the Raven, fairytale character Princess Tutu has suddenly appeared on the scene, and she's determined to find all the shards of Mytho's heart. Unfortunately for him, however, learning to feel again is a confusing and painful process – especially when Tutu is retrieving shards with emotions like "regret" or "sadness." But while initally ambivalent, Mytho slowly comes to yearn for his heart as well, telling Tutu, "even if it's painful, when I think of you...In my breast, I can tell that a small light is born."

Personality... practically nonexistent now that his heart is gone. As a prince, Mytho was brave, wise, and kind – now, he's little more than a puppet on strings. Still, his Good Samaritan instinct shows that Mytho's old personality is not all gone, and as Princess Tutu continues retrieving pieces of his heart, it seems that the old prince is coming back.

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