Myka Bering
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Myka Bering

Warehouse 13

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About Her

Grew up… in Colorado Springs, with doting parents who owned a bookstore that was ironically named “Bering and Sons, ” even though she only had sisters. As a child, Myka was a tomboy, joining the Girl Scouts but also taking fencing classes.

Living… in a top-secret location in South Dakota. Myka used to be a member of the Secret Service, in the Presidential Protection Division. On an apparently normal presidential detail, Myka and another agent, Pete Lattimer, managed to protect the president from a supernatural artifact. That night, Myka’s boss, Assistant Director Daniel Dickinson, transferred her to an undisclosed location and top-secret agency.

Profession… Warehouse 13 agent. Myka’s new job is to gather all the powerful supernatural artifacts that continually threaten the world, and to protect the warehouse that houses them. Her new assignment is not the career path she envisioned, and as such she initially resented being a Warehouse agent. Myka, however, is exceptionally qualified for the position because of her attention to detail, vast wealth of knowledge, and near-eidetic memory. 

Interests… literature, Twizzlers, languages, martial arts. Myka is fluent in five languages: English, French, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Latin. She is skilled in martial arts, and has an infinity tattoo on her inner ankle. Myka enjoys puzzles and skating. She actively tries not to eat sugar, unless she is extremely stressed – this restraint is the result of her desire to do things by the book and always exert control over every aspect of her life. Myka also has a soft side for animals. According to Pete, Myka “can’t watch a movie where an animal dies.”

Relationship Status… single. Before being transferred to Warehouse 13, Myka was involved with her Secret Service partner, Sam Martino. At the time, Sam was married, although he was separated from his wife. When Sam lost his life during a case, Myka became stricken with guilt and grief – believing that she might have been able to save his life only if she had been faster. When she starts working for the Warehouse, Myka is still too distraught over Sam’s death to even consider dating anyone. 

Challenge… saving Earth from dangerous supernatural artifacts while overcoming Sam’s death and letting others in. Myka is initially very guarded and refuses to let others around her past her defenses. She slowly begins to allow herself to develop close friendships with the other Warehouse agents. Eventually Myka, for the first time in her life, builds strong relationships with those around her – essentially building a second family. At one point she says, "The world has joy in it. When you find a place that allows you to experience that joy, when you find people that make you feel safe and loved, like you belong, you don't walk away from it. You fight for it."

Personality… perceptive, smart, organized, focused, and loyal. Before Sam’s death, Myka used to be impulsive, and let her emotions guide her actions. Afterwards she became compulsive and developed a need to control all aspects of her life. Myka believes in hard work, and always having a plan. She never enters a situation without having a meticulous, detailed mission outline.

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