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Overview… a warrior with a mysterious past living in a world filed with dragons and danger. Murtagh pops up from out of nowhere to save Eragon and his companions from Galbatorix’s men, despite claiming that he neither supports the rebels nor hates the Empire. Turns out, he’s been tailing them ever since he discovered that Eragon was the new Dragon Rider, simply because he wanted to meet him. Sounds a bit suspicious, doesn’t it? Now Murtagh has agreed to provide Eragon and Saphira with some much needed protection on their journey to the Varden, a rebel force in the mountains. But can they trust him?

Personality… mysterious, stubborn, and practical. Murtagh likes his secrecy and he refuses to divulge any personal details. Thus, Eragon knows almost nothing about his strange new companion, other than the fact that he is a skilled fighter with a tendency towards the pragmatic. Murtagh is willing to forego both mercy and justice, since either one could get him killed on the perilous roads of Alagaesia. 

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