Murray Bauman

Murray Bauman

    Stranger Things

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… alone in Sesser, Illinois. Murray’s not the neighborly type, and he makes that clear with “Keep Out” spray-painted on his front door. 

Visiting… Hawkins, Indiana. Murray initially came to Hawkins to find out what happened to Barbara Holland, but he’s discovering that there may be more nefarious forces at work. If only the people of Hawkins would believe him. 

Profession… investigative journalist. Murray used to work for the Chicago Sun-Times, but he left that job to work as a freelancer. He’s now been hired by the Holland family to investigate the disappearance of their daughter, who’s been missing for a year. They’re optimistic that Murray is the right detective that will finally accomplish what the town’s Chief of Police, Jim Hopper, has failed to do.

Interests… listening to music and drinking. Murray’s life revolves around his work, and when he needs to focus, he pours a glass and puts on a record. Voila, he’s got his next idea! 

Relationship Status… single. Murray has a lot on his plate, and finding a relationship is not on the agenda. He’d rather focus his attention on others’ chemistry. When Nancy, Barb’s best friend, and her friend Jonathan show up at his house with information on Barb’s disappearance, Murray calls them out for denying their obvious chemistry. 

Challenge… uncovering Hawkins’ secrets. Murray believes there’s a Russian invasion occurring in Hawkins and that it’s tied to Barbara’s disappearance. However, Jim, knowing the truth about what happened in Hawkins, shuts him down. Enlisting the help of the other cops is also a dead end, as they dismiss him after hearing about his alien conspiracies. 

Personality… eccentric, observant, and persistent. Murray takes his job seriously and he’s got all the marks of a good investigator. He’s perceptive and quick to pick up on what people are hiding. And a little weirdness allows him to follow any lead, no matter how ridiculous. Despite his standoffish nature, Murray does care about the people around him. He’ll just poke fun while he’s at it.


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