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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in a farmhouse with her older brother Tom, her father Cooper, and her grandpa Donald. Her mother died years ago. Murph’s world is bleak – an unprecedented agricultural crisis plagues the planet and causes giant dust storms to regularly come through and force everyone to “mask up.” But it’s the only world she’s ever known. She doesn’t even know what a hot dog is, because they don’t exist anymore.

Profession… none yet.Murph is just a 10-year old kid, but she’s already inherited her father’s fascination with outer space. She brings in his old textbooks on the Apollo lunar missions to school, only to be shot down by her teacher, who believes that the lunar landings were faked in order to bankrupt the Soviet Union.

Interests…  riding her bike around the farm and reading. Murph has a giant bookcase in her room. She believes it is haunted by a ghost.

Challenge… coping with abandonment. NASA, now operating semi-underground, asks her father, Cooper, to pilot a mission into space that is a last-gasp effort to save humanity. He accepts the offer, which likely means he will never return. Murph is extremely close to her father, who doesn’t tell her the reason he was going into space because he thought it would upset her. And so Murph is suddenly thrust into a post-Cooper world, confused and heartbroken.

Personality… tomboyish, stubborn, and compassionate. Murph possesses an inquisitive mind and asks her father and grandfather a ton of questions. Thought she is essentially quite good-natured, she also possesses a bit of a temper – perhaps her only character trait in which she significantly differs from her father.


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