Mrs. Who

Mrs. Who

    A Wrinkle in Time
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... cosmically – anywhere and everywhere in the universe.

Profession... cosmic protector. Along with her companions Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Which, Mrs. Who is a warrior who serves the good and light in the universe. She’s a big-hearted astral traveler who helps to guide and rescue, as well as to empower other potential cosmic warriors.

Interests... reading anything she can get her hands on, from books and poems to religious texts and song lyrics.

Relationship Status... seemingly single. Although being a cosmic being, much of Mrs. Who’s life is a mystery.

Challenge... helping Meg Murry find her father. For their latest mission, “the Mrs.” have been tasked with aiding the Murrys, a family of human scientists caught in an intergalactic bind. Four years ago, Mr. Murry accidentally developed the ability to “tesser” across time and space, and got stranded far out in the universe. Now the only thing connecting him to Earth is a call echoing back to his teenage daughter Meg. The Mrs. enlist Meg, her little brother Charles Wallace, and her friend Calvin O’Keefe on a cosmic quest to find Mr. Murry before he’s overcome by “The It,” a manifestation of pure evil that’s spreading across the universe.

Personality... warm and serene. As Charles Wallace notes, Mrs. Who “prefers not to think for herself.” That’s not because she’s an airhead, it’s because she’s simply evolved past language. So when she does need to speak, she uses the words of famous authors and thinkers—from Rumi and Shakespeare to Outkast and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Like any good reader, Mrs. Who always makes sure to credit her sources. And she’s never snobbish about whose words she uses. Mrs. Who knows a Chris Tucker quote can be just as effective as one from Buddha. Though her words may not be her own, it’s clear she has a peaceable, nuanced perspective, and a certain twinkle in her eye. When she’s not randomly dozing off (she’s still adjusting to appearing in human form), she’s a strong ally to have on your side. As Mrs. Who might say, “‘Love looks not with the eye, but with the mind.’ —Shakespeare, British.”


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