Mrs. Whatsit
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Mrs. Whatsit

A Wrinkle in Time

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About Her

Living... across the galaxy. She'll travel anywhere her work takes her.

Profession... cosmic warrior. Along with her partners Mrs. Which and Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit is an astral traveler with seemingly unlimited abilities. She can “tesser” across all of time and space, and change her form at will. As a cosmic warrior, it’s her duty to drive out the darkness and protect the light. As she puts it, “Sometimes we rescue, sometimes we guide. Think of us as big-hearted.”

Interests... speaking color, gossiping with flowers, and changing her clothes (and her form).

Relationship Status... dating a seerer named The Happy Medium. Well, maybe dating him. As Mrs. Whatsit explains, “When you’re over a billion years old, you don’t need labels.”

Challenge... succeeding at her very first mission. While Mrs. Which and Mrs. Who are experienced cosmic warriors, Mrs. Whatsit is still a rookie. In fact, helping Meg Murry find her long-lost father is Mrs. Whatsit’s first ever mission. As she brags, “I was chosen for my great verbalizing and materializing skills.” But Mrs. Whatsit is still figuring out the ropes—including the fact that humans need more help than most. Along with the other “Mrs.”, Mrs. Whatsit takes Meg, her little brother Charles Wallace, and Meg’s friend Calvin O’Keefe on an intergalactic rescue mission to find Mr. Murry before he’s captured by “The It,” a form of pure evil that’s slowly growing across the universe.

Personality... flighty, perky, and shockingly blunt. Mrs. Whatsit is still getting used to human customs, particularly when it comes to social niceties. She can be rather judgmental, both about human limitations in general and Meg in particular. But she tends to be so bubbly and cheerful that it can be hard to notice her rudeness. On the surface, Mrs. Whatsit seems like a whimsical, sprightly, slightly forgetful cartoon princess brought to life. Deep down, however, she has a kind and caring heart and a fierce drive to protect goodness and light. Mrs. Whatsits’ wisdom shines through as she explains things like, “We can’t take any credit for our talents. It’s how we use them that counts.”

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