Mr. White
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Mr. White

Reservoir Dogs

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About Him

Grew Up… Lawrence “Larry” Dimmick is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He may not have been born there, but according to his rap-sheet, it’s where he’s spent most of his life.

Living… in Los Angeles. But he’s only living out there temporarily for his new job.

Profession… veteran criminal. Larry’s done dozens of successful jobs for the Cabot crime family before—and this one seems to be no different. It’s an easy in-and-out job. A diamond heist. Two minutes exposure, tops. It’s a six man team of criminals, all working under aliases to sustain anonymity. Mr. Blonde and Mr. Blue are on crowd control, Mr. Orange watches the door, Mr. Brown drives, and Mr. Pink and Mr. White get the diamonds from the manager. It all seems pretty straightforward, until cops show up and it turns into an “every man for himself” situation.

Interests… cracking jokes to relieve stress. Despite what his job might lead you to expect, he’s a people person and has a tough time not talking about his personal life. He likes Brewers baseball and bets on games – a fact that lets Mr. Orange know he’s from Milwaukee.

Relationship Status… single. He ended his last relationship with his former partner-in-crime, Alabama, because he was growing tired of the whole “woman-man thing.” He is now unattached.

Challenge… surviving the aftermath of the heist. In order to make it out with his body and conscience intact, Mr. White has to escape the police while navigating the muddy waters of criminal loyalty to his brothers-in-arms.

Personality… funny, gregarious, moral. He’s a professional, but he’s also led by his emotions. He gets fired up, and takes things personally. When the adrenaline is pumping, he can become intensely combative, even telling Mr. Pink, “If I have to tell you again to back off, you and me are gonna go round and round.”

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