Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot

    Mr. Robot
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... anarchist and founder of fsociety, a group of revolutionary hackers who operate out of an abandoned arcade in Coney Island. He brings Allsafe Cybersecurity computer engineer Elliot Alderson into the fold, but he provides Elliot with more questions than answers. Why does he spend his days pretending to be a homeless man? What is Mr. Robot’s connection to Elliot? And what kind of name is Mr. Robot, anyway?

Personality... enigmatic, charismatic, and fearless. Mr. Robot wants to take down multinational corporation E Corp by destroying all records of debt. Some might call Mr. Robot crazy for thinking he can make a dent in E Corp’s stranglehold on the American public, but he is a brilliant strategist. Not to mention he has an eye for other good hackers who feel like changing the world.


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