Mr. Orange
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Mr. Orange

Reservoir Dogs

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About Him

Grew Up… as Freddy Newandyke. Little else is known about Freddy’s early life, as one of the conditions of his current job is that he reveal as little information about himself as possible.

Living… in a cluttered L.A. bachelor pad.

Profession… criminal in a diamond heist. For this job, he knows where the diamonds are going to be and when they’re going to be there. It’s in-and-out in two minutes, tops, and all Freddy has to do is watch the door.

Interests… comic books and television. Freddy’s apartment is adorned in comic book posters and he collects action figures, too.

Relationship Status… classified. Mr. Orange wears a ring, possibly for good luck, or maybe symbolizing something relationship-wise. As per the alias arrangement, Mr. Orange keeps his private life a secret.

Challenge… surviving the scrutiny of his fellow criminals after the job goes wrong. The heist was clearly a set-up, and now the other surviving criminals are looking to find whoever ratted them out. And as the resident new guy, Mr. Orange is at the top of their suspect list.

Personality… cautious, funny, and a solid banter partner. Like the others, Mr. Orange can tell a good story, though his chit chat is more reserved and calculated. He is the nicest and most well-adjusted of the color-coded criminals, leading some of the other members of the team to wonder whether he’s gotten himself involved in the wrong business.

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