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The Jungle Book

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Grew Up... as a citizen of the jungle. Mowgli was separated from his human family as a baby and raised by a pack of wolves. Since then he’s never even seen another human being. Instead his world is full of jungle animals of all shapes and sizes.

Living... contentedly, in the jungle. Though Mowgli doesn’t fully fit in among his wolf siblings, he’s mostly happy with his jungle life. He lives by the wolf law of the jungle: “For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

Visiting... the edges of the jungle. When a villainous tiger named Shere Khan threatens his safety, Mowgli has to leave his home among the wolf pack. He travels across the jungle with help from a protective panther named Bagheera and a laid-back bear named Baloo.

Profession... none; he’s too young to work. Mowgli’s just a kid, so he doesn’t have to worry about working for a living.

Interests... designing and engineering “tricks.” Mowgli has an innovative mind and he spends his time daydreaming new inventions that can help him survive in the jungle despite his lack of animal abilities. Using pulleys, levers, and other designs, Mowgli helps improve life in the jungle for him and others around him.

Relationship Status... single. As the only human in the jungle, Mowgli doesn’t have a lot of dating opportunities.

Challenge... figuring out where he belongs. Mowgli has spent his life trying to fit in. Whether with wolves, panthers, elephants, or bears, Mowgli is constantly trying to find his place within the jungle hierarchy. That becomes even more necessary when Shere Khan threatens to harm Mowgli if he doesn’t leave the jungle and return to the human world.

Personality... inquisitive, inventive, and brave. Mowgli is endlessly curious about the world around him. He’s not one to sit still and follow the rules. He wants to explore, try things for himself, and test his limits. Though he’s quite young, Mowgli is fearless. While being hunted by Shere Khan he boldly announces, “I'm not afraid of you! Do you hear me? I'm not running from you!”

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