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Grew Up... a creation of the Chozo. Mother Brain was created by the Chozo, the ancient race of bird people who would later raise legendary bounty hunter Samus Aran. However, after a raid by the Zebesian space pirates, Mother Brain (more an “it” than a “she”) was reprogrammed to rebel against its creators.

Living... in a tube. As a giant, brain-shaped, biomechanical artificial intelligence, Mother Brain resides in a tube on Planet Zebes surrounded by defenses as it mentally sends orders to its underlings. Occasionally, it will also attach itself to fearsome biological bodies to fight off foes directly.

Profession... leader of the space pirates. Seeing as Mother Brain was designed for inhumanly intelligent leading and strategizing, after being abducted by the space pirates it quickly became their supreme leader.

Interests… Metroids. Mother Brain is fascinated with Metroids, powerful parasites also created by the Chozo. Many of its diabolical plans involve capturing and controlling the creatures to use as weapons.

Relationship Status... single. Mother Brain has a vaguely female personality, but all it really cares about is helping the space pirates conquer the galaxy as rationally and efficiently as possible.  

Challenge... resetting the universe. Mother Brain is essentially a computer, so it finds the chaos of the organic universe unacceptable. Using the space pirates as its muscle, Mother Brain seeks to destroy the current universe, thus allowing it to reset “back to zero.”                                       

Personality... unfeeling. Mother Brain is a cold and slightly passive killing machine. However, it will get offended and uncharacteristically emotional if someone questions its effectiveness. As it says, “You dare claim that I am defective?”

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