Morty Smith

Morty Smith

    Rick and Morty
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in a suburban neighborhood with his mom, dad, and sister. His immediate family is pretty normal, but his grandfather Rick is not. He is an insane alcoholic scientist who occasionally takes him into deep space.

Profession… equal parts guinea pig, assistant, and conscience. Morty handles just about everything during his adventures with his grandfather, Rick, except the mad-science. 

Interests… playing video games and watching TV. Morty is an average kid who’s just trying to get by. Morty doesn’t have time for many hobbies, because he usually ends up getting dragged into whatever Rick is working on in the garage.

Relationship Status… single. Morty is starting to notice girls, especially his classmate Jessica. The mistake he makes is asking his grandfather for help. Rick makes a love serum to trick her into falling for Morty, but it goes airborne and causes everyone in his class to fall for him.

Challenge… taking care of his grandfather, Rick. Morty gets dragged into all sorts of absurd and wacky adventures, frequently involving portals into other dimensions and universes. Keeping track of where (and sometimes when) he is? That’s the easy part. Keeping his eccentric grandfather from ruining the fabric of space-time is a lot tougher. Thanks to the contributions of this bumbling 14-year-old, the world is only occasionally destroyed by Rick.

Personality… timid and insecure. Morty isn’t very assertive, which means that Rick can easily rope him into dangerous situations. Since he’s shy and stutters, most people assume that Morty is wimpy, but actually he’s far from it. Deep down, he always finds the grit and determination to save the day.


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