Dragon Age Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in the Korcari Wilds. Like many sorceresses, Morrigan was raised in the Korcari Wilds and was taught magic by the ancient elder witch Flemeth. Out of respect for her caregiver, Morrigan refuses to explain Flemeth’s true history. 

Living... with the Warden. After encountering the Warden in her woods, Morrigan helps heal the party after the Battle of Ostagar. Flemeth then commands Morrigan to join the Warden’s party and aid their quest to save the land from darkness. 

Profession... Witch of the Wilds. Morrigan is a powerful dark mage who specializes in shape-shifting, giving her a strong bond with animals. As she says, “I have smelled the world as a wolf, listened as a cat, prowled shadows that you never dreamed existed.”

Interests... jewelry. Morrigan has an affinity for shiny things, like jewelry, and appreciates gifts.

Relationship Status... interested. Some accounts of Morrigan’s travels with the Warden mention a romance between the two, but others do not. It depends on who is relating the story.

Challenge... saving Ferelden. As part of the Warden’s party, Morrigan helps unify the warring magical fantasy kingdom of Ferelden so that it can be strong enough to ward off the true enemy: an onslaught of demonic invaders.     

Personality... independent. Morrigan cynically values power and autonomy. Isolated from society in the wilds, she looks down on humans for their apparent weakness, but she does find them somewhat fascinating at least. 


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