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Mork & Mindy

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Living… in Boulder, Colorado, where he landed in an egg-shaped spacecraft after leaving his home planet Ork. He was exiled from Ork because of the planet’s ban on humor, and sent to Earth to observe human behavior. When he landed in the woods, he met Mindy McConnell, who agreed to take him in as a roommate. He’s completely unaccustomed to life on Earth and essentially has to learn everything from square one. Still, he’s already grown attached to the planet and can anticipate missing it, should he ever have to leave.  

Profession… Earth observer for the inhabitants of Ork. His job is essentially to attempt to understand human behavior and American culture, and to report his findings to his long-suffering superior Orson. He has to experience everything from drunkenness to love to honesty, wreaking havoc all the while. He occasionally goes to extreme lengths in order to experience the full scope of consciousness, including using an Orkan Age Machine to regress himself to a three-year-old.  

Interests… American culture. Mork is constantly trying to understand human behavior and temper the more unseemly aspects of his Ork background. For example, on Ork, lying to someone is considered a practical joke. He also takes care of a pet caterpillar named Bob and deals with Exidor, a mentally ill man who considers himself a prophet. One week, Exidor will claim he’s Julius Caesar reincarnate, the next week he’ll be worshipping the football player O.J. Simpson.

Relationship Status… developing. Mindy told Mork that in order to be human he’d have to experience love. He took her advice and fell in love with a mannequin named Dolly, before eventually taking the hint and starting a courtship with Mindy.

Challenge… understanding and experiencing humanity. Like the rest of us, Mork has to take the bad with the good. He falls in love with Mindy, but he soon becomes jealous and protective, performing his Functional Magic on those who cross him. He also suffers through the darker sides of life, discovering a “terrible disease called loneliness.” He begins to empathize with those looking for ways to cope with this disease, and bemoans humanity’s individualistic egotistical follies.

Personality… manic. Despite not being from Earth, Mork has an incredibly fast-paced sense of humor, telling jokes including references to pop-culture and politics. He is a master impressionist and practical joker. Still, there are times when he can be very sincere and sentimental, particularly towards Mindy. Mork generally has a child-like innocence and is always eager to learn more about Earth.


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