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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… as the ward of Uther Pendragon, king of Camelot. She was raised with Arthur, the crown prince, and the two act as siblings to each other.

Living… in the castle. As Uther’s ward, Morgana is like a princess, but she doesn’t actually have a title, and she’s sometimes worried that she doesn’t actually have a place. She wants to make a difference, but she might not have a leg to stand on.

Profession… none. Morgana is, for all intents and purposes, a noblewoman. She doesn’t have to do anything, although she does try to get involved in the goings-on of the kingdom. Uther is a harsh ruler who has banned the use of magic in the kingdom. Morgana tries to get him to act with compassion, even secretly going against him when her conscience prompts her to. She wishes she could just tell him what she thinks, but as she notes sadly, “Uther hates magic more than he loves me.”

Interests… fashion. You’ll never catch Morgana looking shabby. With the help of her maidservant Gwen, she’s a stunner every second of the day.

Relationship Status… single. She’s friends with her maidservant, Gwen, but so far she hasn’t had any serious romantic interest in anyone.

Challenge…understanding the strange dreams she’s been having recently. Morgana has lately been having dreams that don’t seem like normal ones – dreams that come true. She’s afraid that they might be magic, which means that she might be magic. That’s dangerous, because Uther has forbidden any magic in Camelot, on pain of death. She’s starting to think that Uther’s rule might be bad for the kingdom – and bad for her.

Personality… passionate, high-strung, and ambitious. Morgana knows what she thinks is right, and she’s furious that her guardian Uther doesn’t agree. The mistreatment of magical people, among others, is really starting to get under her skin, and she’s intelligent enough to be really dangerous if she wants to be.


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