Morgan Tookers
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Morgan Tookers

The Mindy Project

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About Him

Grew Up… in prison as a teenager for stealing a car. Though he has a criminal record and is a very strange person, he became a (somewhat) functioning adult.

Living… in New York with his grandmother. Though he lives a happy life with her, he’s very protective of his front porch and his wind chimes. The neighborhood kids are always stealing them.

Profession… nurse at Shulman & Associates. He had a terrible interview with Shulman partners Mindy and Danny, in which he confessed to being an ex-convict and showed them his stomach tattoo, which reads, “No More Stealing Cars.” But after he fixed Mindy’s broken nose, he was hired. Though he’s certainly a strange presence within the office, he is a very good nurse. In his own words, “It’s not skimpy outfits that make nurses sexy, it’s the helping people that makes us sexy.”

Interests… dogs, scaring people, nicknames, ice cream, dancing, not going back to prison, not stealing cars, and the quarry.

Relationship Status… single. Due to his odd nature, girls tend to avoid Morgan. Though he’s hit on nearly every girl in the office and admits to finding some of the male doctors cute as well, at the end of the day, Morgan is happy to be single for now. 

Challenge… staying at Shulman & Associates. Morgan is on thin ice during much of the workday for snooping and bringing stray dogs into the office. Danny can’t stand it. 

Personality… caring, overbearing, and a bit creepy. He has very good intentions but tends to suffocate them with what he believes is kindness and love. This often turns people off. At the end of the day, however, his friends and co-workers appreciate him and all of his craziness. As he explained to Mindy, “I would chain you to my basement wall so you couldn’t see anyone but me.” And she mostly took it as a compliment, which is how he meant it.

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