Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Park family's beautiful mansion in the wealthy neighborhoods of Seoul, South Korea.  Moon-Gwang has been living in the mansion as the architect's housekeeper since it was first built. When the architect sold the mansion to the Park family, Moon-Gwang survived a change of ownership. She continued to live in the mansion, almost like the fifth family member to the Parks.

Profession... stay-at-home housekeeper. Moon-Gwang is a skilled housekeeper and an excellent cook. For years Moon-Gwang took great care of the three dogs and two children, and even after Moon-Gwang leaves her job, Dong-Ik (Mr. Park) reconciles that she cooked the best juicy short ribs. The only shortcoming was that she made too much food (twice the much an ordinary person would have), but Mr. Park praises her as a great housekeeper nevertheless.

Relationship Status... married. Although she never brings up her husband first, she appears to carry on a satisfactory married life. Even though Moon-Gwang lives with the Park family, her husband remains close to her heart.

Challenges... losing her job. With the assistance from Ki-Woo and Ki-Jung, Ki-Taek successfully frames Moon-Gwang as being diagnosed with tuberculosis. Yeon-Kyo (Mrs. Park) is disturbed by the news, promptly firing Moon-Gwang and replacing her with Chung-Sook. Now with nowhere to go and her precious thing still in the Parks' mansion, Moon-Gwang has no choice but to return to the mansion.

Personality... fashionable and serene. When Ki-Woo first visits the Parks' mansion, he mistakes Moon-Gwang as Mrs. Park due to her polished personality. However, after Moon-Gwang loses employment, she can no longer maintain her look. Moon Gwang's desperation reveals her bitter and eccentric side.


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