Monty Brogan
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Monty Brogan

25th Hour

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About Him

Living… his last full day of freedom. Tomorrow, Monty is set to begin a seven-year prison sentence for dealing drugs. He wants to make the most of his last day in society.

Profession… former drug dealer for the Russian Mob. Monty, looking back on his life, put far too much faith in his old boss, known around New York as Uncle Nikolai. Now that he’s been done in for dealing, he doesn’t know who he can trust. 

Interests… his dog, Doyle, and his best friends, Frank and Jacob. Monty believes in loyalty, and he knows that the only people who’ve ever been loyal to him are his friends and his family. As he toasts to them, “Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends.”

Relationship Status… still with the girl of his dreams, Naturelle, who he’s known for years. As Monty tells Frank, “She’s the only girl I ever kept fantasizing about after I slept with her.” Now that he’s about to go away to the big house, though, he’s taking a closer look at her – and questioning her own loyalty to him.

Challenge… finding out who ratted on him to the DEA. Before Monty goes away to prison, he needs to find the person who gave him up. He has a feeling that it must be someone very close to him.

Personality… suave, sly, and cunning. Monty is disillusioned with the world, especially the city that he calls home, New York. Though, with time running out, he has to teach himself to see the beauty in it while he still can. 

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