Monica Wright
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Monica Wright

Love and Basketball

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About Her

Living… in Los Angeles, where her parents and older sister moved from Atlanta when she was 12. They moved in next door to an NBA player, his wife, and his son, Quincy. Quincy was not only Monica’s first basketball partner, but he was also her first love. After all, how could she resist this line? "We can play ball and ride to school together and when you get mad I gotta buy you flowers." But they don’t see each other much now that they’re older.

Profession… basketball player. She learned her game from Coach Miller who says she’s a great player but needs to fix her attitude in order to get recruited. But Monica thinks it’s unfair. If a guy gets in someone's face and talks smack, he gets a bunch of high fives from his buddies. When a girl does it, she's told to calm down and act like a "lady."

Relationship Status… in limbo with Quincy. She knows why Quincy broke up with her the first time. And not that he was the only one who messed up – she was no angel either. After his relationship with his father fell apart, he couldn't trust anybody. He was lost. She’s hoping they can move on from it.

Challenge… securing her future, while finding out what she wants from basketball. “It's a trip, you know?  When you're a kid, you see the life you want, and it never crosses your mind that it's not gonna turn out that way.” Sometimes Monica doubts basketball will take her to what she ultimately wants – happiness. Something just feels like it's missing.

Personality… tomboyish and rebellious. She stands up for herself in a sport dominated by men. Although she is tough, she’s got a softer side too. 

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