Don't Breathe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Detroit. Although his name is Money, he doesn’t have much of it. 

Profession… petty thief. Though he is tired of quickie jobs like stealing a Rolex. He has his eyes on a possible crime that would truly change his life.

Interests… tattoos. His body is full of them. 

Relationship Status… dating Rocky, a teenage girl who wants to get out of Detroit as much as he does. Money is not the romantic type, though. If you saw him with Rocky, you’d just think they’re friends. 

Challenge… getting enough money to move to California with Rocky. As he tells her, "Yoh, I got our ticket out of here. Rumor is this guy is sitting on at least three hundred K! Boom! That's our guy." The guy with the cash is blind and their other friend Alex knows how to get around security systems, so it’s easy money. Or so they thought…

Personality… confident and fearless. But sometimes Money may be a bit too cocky. As he and his friends find out, he may have underestimated the blind man. Money admits: “Just because he’s blind, it doesn’t mean he’s a f’ing saint.”



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