Molly Griswold
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Molly Griswold

Tin Cup

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About Her

Overview... clinical psychologist with a difficult new client. Molly agrees to help down-on-his-luck former golf prodigy Roy McAvoy regain his confidence in exchange for golf lessons for Molly. It’s unclear, though, whether he’s more interested in getting back on the golf course, or just taking Molly home.

Personality... intelligent, outgoing, and confident. Molly is currently dating obnoxious pro golf star David Simms, Roy’s longtime frenemy, but she’s much more laid-back than the hotheaded club-smasher. She lives by the advice she gives Roy: “Just be honest and take a risk.” Of course, she told him that to help him ask out another woman, but she’s starting to think that Roy has the potential to make her happy – as unlikely as that seems on the surface.

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