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Living… in Schitt’s Creek, a small town that pretty much lives up to its name. Moira and her family relocated there from New York City when her husband lost all of his money. Moira and Johnny now share an adjoining suite with their two kids, Alexis and David, in the town’s poorly operated motel. At least she was able to salvage all of her wigs before the government took their family’s assets. Moira treats her wigs as her children, and they adorn the walls of her room, bringing a new meaning to “shabby chic.”

Profession… mother, wife, actress, singer, and theatre connoisseur. It’s almost easier to list what she doesn’t do. The fact of the matter is that Moira is extremely unemployed. When she is not busy with her kids or pestering the motel staff, Moira can be found singing with the local women’s chorale, the Jazzagals. She recently decided to get more involved in Schitt’s Creek by running for the town council. 

Interests… singing, acting, and being dramatic. Well, singing is a strong word. Moira likes to be heard, whether that be yodeling nonsense at people, or making everyone’s accomplishments about her. Her flair for the dramatic and desire to be seen circle back to Moira’s one true interest: herself. 

Relationship status… married. Although everything else is unstable in her life, Moira’s marriage is hanging in there. Moira and Johnny have been happily married for decades because they both know how to deal with each other’s particular brand of crazy. Johnny would do anything for Moira, even if it means his own humiliation. 

Challenge… finding purpose in Schitt’s Creek. Moira is used to a bright and shiny life full of television premiers and movie sets. Unfortunately, Schitt’s Creek isn’t quite up to par with her standards. She struggles to find meaning in her new life, but she begins to realize that what makes her life meaningful has been there all along. Slowly—with a strong emphasis on slowly— Moira beings to cherish the little moments with her family and new friends.

Personality… nonsensical, pessimistic, and self-absorbed. Moira, much like her children, is very keen on being the life of the party. She is set on making most things about her, and often fails to consider how her actions impact others. She is also incredibly endearing, through her own delicate brand of nonsense. Moira has a lot to say, but very little of it can be understood. She likes to shout, sing, and scream what she is feeling. Most of this nonsense is spewed at her children, but they have learned to endure, and even love Moira because of it. She is an actress at heart, always preparing for the worst in the most dramatic way possible. This quote from Moira sums up her outlook and why she lives in the moment: “Who knows what will befall us tomorrow? You could be hit by a Mack truck or be bopped on the head by a tiny piece of space debris!” 

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