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Grew up… easily. Miu has always been strong, healthy, and intelligent, and she has never struggled much for things in life. The only thing she's ever lacked was emotional connection to others.

Living… in Japan, where she grew up despite being Korean by nationality. Since childhood, she has traveled often, and continues doing so for her job.

Profession… wine exporter and importer. Her job is the reason she travels all over Europe, finding wines and buyers. Recently, she has hired a younger woman, Sumire, to work with her.

Interests… books and music. Because Miu has difficulty connecting with people, she prefers more solitary pursuits. While she is literary-minded, she especially loves music, though she unfortunately can’t sing at all.

Relationship Status… married. But she’s not very invested in the relationship. Something happened to Miu when she was younger, and “ever since that happened to me, I haven't been able to give myself to anyone in this world.” She knows that Sumire is in love with her, but Miu is unable to return the emotion, though she does enjoy the younger woman's company.

Challenge… regaining whatever it was that she lost all those years ago. Miu hasn’t felt like a real person since – or not a whole one, anyway. She thinks that maybe Sumire can help her heal, but there are some wounds that just don’t go away. In that case, how can she avoid hurting people when she doesn’t return their affection?

Personality… blunt, assertive, and distant. As an established businesswoman, Miu has an ability to get what she wants and speak clearly about goals and strategies. But when she’s not working, she doesn’t know how to connect with other people. The more sensitive side of her personality is almost exclusively expressed through her love of music, but even that is not enough to compensate for a lack of human company.

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