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Living… in the small, rural town of Itomori with her maternal grandmother and her younger sister. Her estranged father is mayor of Itomori and is very strict. Aside from natural attractions, there isn’t even a cafe in her small town. She repeatedly expresses her dissatisfaction with their provincial life, wanting to move to the bustling city of Tokyo. 

Profession… student at Itomori High School, where she only has two friends: Sayaka and Tessie. Because she comes from the Miyamizu family, she and her sister are priestesses at the Miyamizu shrine. Her other high school classmates make fun of her traditional performances at the shrine, making her feel extremely insecure.

Interests… braiding cords, a traditional Japanese functional and decorative accessory. Her handicraft is exceptional. Mitsuha is detail-oriented, whether it comes to embroidery or sustaining relationships with others. 

Challenge… having her dreams come true. When Mitsuha dreams, she takes on the body of Taki who lives in Tokyo. Mitsuha loves being able to vicariously experience life in Tokyo, especially visiting cafés and eating desserts. She savors all the little details of his exciting life because it is so much different from what she is used to in her rural home. But the dreams are starting to feel all too real—she’s trying to navigate his life and act as though she were Taki. 

Personality… polite and proper. As she needs to keep up appearances as the mayor’s daughter, Mitsuha is conscious of how she presents herself. She is compassionate and supportive to those who are close to her. 

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