Mitch McDeere
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Mitch McDeere

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About Him

Grew Up… with his brothers, Ray and Rusty. Mitch graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in accounting and went on to graduate third in his class from Harvard Law School. 

Living… in Memphis, Tennessee. Mitch just joined the law firm Bendini, Lambert and Locke. Mitch is happy to move to the area because of the impressive benefits that come with the position. It might not be the most famous firm in the land, but the amount it pays to its lawyers in both salaries and other perks shows that it must be doing something right. (Or wrong.)

Profession… associate at Bendini, Lambert and Locke. It’s a big and successful tax law firm. In order to acquire Mitch, they shower him with a new lease on a luxury car, a low interest mortgage on a great house, and all the comforts money can buy. It seems as though they take care of their own here at the firm. Mitch is pleased to be treated so well, but can’t help feel heavily indebted for the offerings. When Mitch begins working closely with hot-shot attorney Avery Tolar, he starts realizing there’s more to this firm than meets the eye. 

Interests… studying and passing tests with flying colors. Mitch is something of an ace when it comes to his studies. But it’s hard for him to believe that this is the only reason the firm so badly wants him to join their ranks.

Relationship Status… married. His wife Abby was his high school sweetheart. They have a very close relationship, and Abby isn’t afraid to get involved in his business affairs, if it means making their lives more livable as a result. She’s with Mitch every step of the way.

Challenge… choosing a side. Mitch has just recently found out that the firm is actually connected to the mob, and the FBI’s been trying to crack them. Now Mitch has to pick between going to jail if he refuses the FBI’s demands to help them infiltrate the firm, or risk getting found out and potentially killed by the firm for betrayal. Plus there's the pesky problem of jeopardizing his law license if he violates attorney-client privilege. Frankly, he doesn't seem to have any good options; the trick is deciding which one is slightly less terrible.

Personality… ambitious, studious, and resourceful. Mitch can’t let things simply happen. Though he aspires to be rich and successful, he also feels the need to analyze and get to the bottom of things. Anything fishy in the firm in need of digging up will eventually be dug up by Mitch. If the firm (or "The Firm") thought Mitch was the kind of guy who would simply play ball, integrity be damned, they badly misjudged him.

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