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Mitch Martin

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Living… until recently, with his girlfriend Heidi. We’ll let Mitch explain: “Sometimes you think you have true love, and then you catch the early flight home from San Diego and a couple of nude people jump out of your bathroom blindfolded, like a goddamn magic show, ready to double-team your girlfriend.” So Mitch moved out, to a new house near Harrison University. That’s where his friends Beanie and Frank attempt to cheer him up by throwing a massive party called “Mitch-a-Palooza.” Beanie uses the success of Mitch-a-Palooza as a springboard to start a new fraternity out of Mitch’s house.

Profession… real estate lawyer. Mitch struggles to keep work and fraternity matters separate. Co-workers want to join; college-age pledges come into the office to report an immense shortage of K-Y jelly; and Mitch may have “accidentally” slept with his boss’ teenage daughter.

Interests… when he was still with Heidi, Mitch was too tired and jaded to pursue any hobbies, though he always took care to buckle-up in the back seat of taxis. Now he’s all about the frat.

Relationship Status… single, and a bit gloomily so. There is only one woman for Mitch – his high school crush Nicole, a single mom who has a captivating smile but who dates a devious tall man named Mark. Nicole likes Mitch, but Mitch struggles to explain to her the nature of the fraternity and his status as a frat leader.

Challenge... Mitch has an alter-ego: “The Godfather,” a title Beanie bestowed upon him as a riposte to his reluctance to house the new fraternity. As a result, pledges treat Mitch like royalty. But he is no Godfather at first; he is but a man going through an early midlife crisis. When Dean Pritchard threatens to abolish the frat, however, Mitch must become The Godfather in order to save it and everything it represents – brotherhood and self-worth and existential purpose. Mitch must become a leader of men.

Personality… cautious, earnest, but coming into his own. As painful as his breakup with Heidi was, it was probably for the best since she was, well, kind of a nightmare. As Beanie put it, “Mitch, you’re on the rebound. You’re like an injured young fawn who’s been nursed back to health and is finally going to be released back into the wilderness.” The “new” Mitch is much better off. As the Godfather, Mitch is respected, and by fighting for his young pledges he is finally becoming the man he was meant to be. Mitch Martin is a guy you want in your corner.

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