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Mitch Kessler

The Morning Show

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About Him

Living... in disgrace. For the past 15 years, Mitch and his Morning Show co-host Alex Levy were the two most beloved figures in American morning news. But when Mitch is fired for sexual misconduct allegations, his entire world comes crashing down. Now he spends most of his time hiding from the press in his suburban mansion or his luxurious New York City apartment.

Profession... former co-host of The Morning Show. While Mitch and Alex were beloved as a team, Mitch was the even more popular half of the duo. When he’s suddenly fired, however, Mitch is left completely directionless.

Interests... befriending Hollywood’s elite and stroking his own ego.

Relationship Status... married. Or at least he was. Though Mitch’s workplace affairs were an open secret, the sexual misconduct allegations cast his behavior in a whole new light. His wife Paige leaves him and takes their two sons with her.

Challenge... clearing his name. Mitch is adamant that he did nothing wrong and that he doesn’t deserve to have his name listed alongside the abusive men taken down by the #MeToo movement. Mitch is desperate to find allies who will stand by him or at least hear his side of the story. He tries to find a sympathetic ear in Alex as well as in Bradley Jackson, the upstart reporter hired to replace him on The Morning Show. As Mitch sees it, “I didn’t hold a gun to anybody’s head. It was consensual.” Of course, Mitch may not actually have the most objective view of his own behavior.

Personality... charming, funny, and egotistical. Mitch is incredibly effective at ingratiating himself with other people, mostly because he thinks so highly of himself. He uses his charisma and humor to win over everyone from his co-workers to the American public, but he seldom stops to think about the power of his position or the impact of his actions. Though Mitch comes across as a deeply empathetic person, it’s hard to tell how much of that is just an act.

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