Misty Quigley

Misty Quigley


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… as a social outcast. In high school, she never fit in, and she would seek to find acceptance in her own twisted way. Misty was the equipment manager for the girls’ soccer team, the Yellowjackets. She loved the team, quite obsessively, but was treated poorly by them. Instead of having a string of boyfriends, Misty had crushes on teachers (unreciprocated ones).

Living… on her own. She is recently reconnecting with people she’d lost contact with since high school.

Profession… nurse at a retirement home. Misty has always had inclinations towards this field, as she’s been trained in first aid since high school. Regardless of why she does it, Misty has taken care of people for a long time, and she clearly enjoyed her time caring for Ben Scott, the team's assistant coach, as a teenager.

Interests… raising Caligula (her Grey African parrot) and being an amateur citizen detective. Misty's intense interest in true crime is quite unsettling, but it also makes her the perfect go-to person when in need of some more nefarious help.

Relationship Status… single. The only committed relationship she has is a partnership with Caligula, her bird. But she is looking for a human partner, sometimes rather desperately.

Challenge… helping her "friends" from high school cover up what happened after a traumatic event that occurred on their way to nationals in 1996. While other Yellowjacket members find the rapt public attention uncomfortable, Misty relishes the spotlight. She’s lonely, and the attention almost fulfills her need to be liked.

Personality… manipulative, tough, and self-involved. Following the Yellowjackets’ shared horrific event, Misty would make certain decisions because she enjoyed the feeling of being useful to the team. To this day, Misty is extremely loyal to the Yellowjackets, especially Nat—a fellow outsider—who she helps in her own sociopathic ways. Misty is undeniably skilled at surviving and helping others, but her reasons for doing so are far from wholesome.


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