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Misty Briarton

Call of Duty Series

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About Her

Grew Up... on a farm. Like most survivors, Abigail “Misty” Briarton is more focused on the past than the present. But it is known that she lived on a farm, her mother is dead, and her father was eaten by zombies.

Living... in a zombie apocalypse. After the Germans discovered the mysterious Element 115 in Northern France during World War I, the dangerous meteorites have been reanimating dead cells, creating a zombie apocalypse.

Profession... survivor. Misty is now part of a group of humans doing what they can to survive in the wasteland while searching (in apparent vain) for possible solutions.

Interests... forgetting the past. Misty likes to suppress her memories of time gone by. It’s the only way she can deal with the pain.

Relationship Status... single buthopeful. Misty has a crush on fellow survivor Marlton Johnson. His intelligence is also very useful for crafting new tools and weapons for the fight against the undead.

Challenge... activating the pylon. As part of Dr. Ludvig Maxis’ plan to stop Edward Richtofen’s zombie army, Misty and the other survivors are tasked with finding and activating a special pylon. But to get to it, they’ll have to fight through said zombie army.                                                

Personality... tough and assertive. Misty is a brash, cocky tomboy, which isn’t a bad thing to be in a new world where only the strong and self-reliant survive. As she says, “I was a six-time knife-fighting champ, I ain’t afraid of nothing!”

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