Missy Pantone
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Missy Pantone

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Grew Up… practicing gymnastics at another school. By the time Missy arrives at her new high school, she’s already an expert gymnast with an impressive array of skills.

Living… in a new world – the world of competitive cheerleaders. As she combatively explains to the cheerleading squad when she first auditions in her baggy grunge clothing, “I transferred from Los Angeles, your school has no gymnastics team, this is a last resort.” She’s thrown into a completely new subculture full of “girly” girls. But Missy quickly gets into the spirit of competition and soon wants to win the national title for best cheerleading squad as much as the team captain, Torrance.

Profession… high school student and, now, cheerleader. Missy’s skills as a gymnast could easily land her awards at top competitions. She doesn’t bat an eye when challenged with doing multiple back flips in a row.

Interests… giving herself fake tattoos during class, braiding her hair in grungy ways, and embarrassing her brother, Cliff.

Relationship Status… single. Although she has a makeover to look the part of a serious cheerleader, Missy still doesn’t let her attitude drop. She doesn’t want a boyfriend who will annoy her; she needs time to be free.

Challenge… winning the sixth consecutive national title for The Toros. Missy isn’t as crazy about the championship at first, but after she puts in the hours of dedication, she realizes that this is something she will never forget for the rest of her life.

Personality… abrasive, punkish, and dark, but ultimately team-oriented. Missy is a born trouble-maker. She often says the most taboo thing that comes to mind. Her favorite pastime is getting a rise out of people. But in the end she rallies around her fellow Toros.

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