Miss Peregrine

Miss Peregrine

    Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview… on a small island in Wales, Miss Peregrine runs an orphange for peculiar children. How peculiar? Well, one can restart hearts, one is invisible, one can see the future – and that’s just to name a few. Miss Peregrine is not so typical herself. She’s an Ymbryne, a kind of person able to create stable time loops. She hides her orphanage in a time loop during the Second World War, and only occasionally leaves the orphanage herself. When she does, it’s often in the shape of a peregrine falcon.

Personality… both loving and strict. Miss Peregrine cares about nothing so much as the well-being and safety of her peculiar charges. She will do whatever she can to keep them safe and happy, including not telling them about the modern life they’re missing or allowing them to venture forth from the orphanage. When she’s not worrying over her charges, she enjoys a nice pipe and a well-cooked meal.


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