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About Him

Grew Up... under a curse. Due to a powerful demon's curse, all men in Miroku's family possess a hole in their right hands, which creates an all-consuming wind tunnel. While it gives Miroku a powerful weapon, the curse is anything but a blessing in disguise – with time, the hole will widen until the tunnel can no longer be controlled and the priest dies. As a result, Miroku’s childhood was one shadowed by death. Not only did he grow up knowing that he must lift the curse or die early, but he also saw his father killed by the very curse that now threatens his life.

Living... on the road, with a ragtag group of fellow travelers. Miroku knows that the demon who cursed his family seeks the relic known as the Jewel of Four Souls. So now he's scouring feudal Japan in search of the Jewel and the demon who's devastated his life so thoroughly.

Profession... in his own words, “a Buddhist priest – no one suspicious." While it is true that Miroku is willing to use his exorcism skills to help other people, he's not above helping himself to their valuables in return. It's a habit that makes him less virtuous than he claims, sure, but Miroku figures it all balances out in the end.

Interests... doing the right thing, though especially if it involves treasure or women. Miroku is frequently referred to as the “lecherous priest” by his traveling companions, and makes no attempt to hide his interest in any and all beautiful women he comes across.

Relationship Status... desperate. Very desperate. Miroku knows his time on the earth is limited, so he attempts to become involved with almost any woman he meets. He might want to work on his pick-up lines, though. Asking women for “the favor of bearing my child” is practically an open invitation to get slapped in the face.

Challenge... removing his family curse. If he can't defeat the demon that cursed his grandfather, Miroku is determined to make sure he has a son who'll do it for him. Either way, Miroku knows that he has little time before the curse consumes him, so the clock is ticking.

Personality... calm, collected, and surprisingly selfless considering his lechery and kleptomaniac tendencies. Miroku might not be the most pious priest, but he places a high value on human life, avoiding violence when possible and rushing into danger to protect others from harm.

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