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Miriam Blaylock

The Hunger

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About Her

Overview… a seductive vampire living hidden in plain sight. Miriam lives in a beautiful mansion in New York City, surrounded by art. Three times a week, she teaches music to a neighbor girl. Other than that, very few people know what she does, and none of them know what she really is. Occasionally, she’s been seen at a club, and she almost always takes home a guy – or girl. Impeccably dressed, soft-spoken, and mysterious, Miriam guards her secrets well. That is, until John, her “husband,” starts changing the status quo.

Personality… elegant, artistic, and inscrutable. Miriam’s biggest fear is being alone, yet she she’s also afraid to let people into her life. She can show kindness to people, but only when it doesn’t ask too much of her. And when she’s threatened, emotionally or otherwise, she can be completely ruthless.

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Miriam Blaylock
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