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Miria Harvent


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Overview... a surprisingly competent robber. Miria is working with long-time boyfriend Isaac when, in the middle of a heist, the two accidentally become immortal. But no matter how many alchemists, train monsters, or demons that Prohibition America throws at them, it can't come close to equaling the oddness in the duo's minds. For robbers that consider dressing up Native Americans and stealing from the mafia normal, there's very little the real world can do to shock them.

Personality... more enthusiastic than intelligent, but no less plucky and kind for it. While Miria is technically a robber, her heists with Isaac often help more people than they hurt. Of course, this is all perfectly fine with Miria. Her common sense might be questionable, but Miria's more than smart enough to know the value of helping others.    

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