Miranda Hobbes
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Miranda Hobbes

Sex and the City

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About Her

Living… in Manhattan in a beautiful prewar apartment on the Upper East Side. She was excited about buying the apartment on her own. 

Profession… corporate lawyer. She graduated at the top of her class at Harvard Law School and is determined to become a partner. Although Miranda is brilliant, hard-working, efficient, and articulate, she has her work cut out for her. As she finds out at her firm, it's not about how well you write a legal brief, but how well you play office politics. But Miranda can play the games with the best of them. She even entered into a lesbian relationship for a while to advance her career. 

Interests... reading non-fiction, watching cheesy romantic TV shows, and eating anything chocolate (even if it came from the garbage can). When she is not working, she also enjoys exploring Manhattan nightlife with her friends Carrie, Samantha, and Charlotte. 

Relationship Status… single. Miranda seems to have her career figured out, but she is much less confident about her personal life. She has been burned too many times and has become cynical on love. And on top of that, she has control issues so it's hard for her to let others in. This causes her to sabotage relationships even before they start. She wonders is she will ever be happy. Resigned to a life on her own, she got a new vibrator. But her housekeeper doesn't approve, so she exchanged it for the Virgin Mary. How much worse can her love life get?

Challenge… being a woman in a man's world. Miranda is a feminist and is always pointing out the injustices she faces as a woman. It's not just at her male-dominated law firm. it's also in the dating world. As she says, "I know how to please a man – just give him all your power." 

Personality… fiery, ambitious, direct, cynical, angry, yet caring and loving. Miranda always speaks her mind – whether she is speaking truth to power at work or giving her friends the right advice even if they don't want to hear it. And beneath her anger and cynicism is a warm heart that she shares with her friends. 

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