Miranda Bailey

Miranda Bailey

    Grey's Anatomy
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living…  in Seattle. As a surgical resident, Dr. Miranda Bailey practically lives at the hospital. With patients to look after and a team of inept interns to keep in line, Dr. Bailey is perennially stressed out and annoyed.

Profession… resident in general surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital. The team of interns she oversees refers to her as “The Nazi” because of her strict and harsh persona. “I am Dr. Bailey,” she announces. “I hear everything, I know everything, I’m watching each and every one of you, and I will return.”

Interests… as a child Dr. Bailey enjoyed Star Wars, but as an adult she doesn’t have much time to pursue any interests other than work and family. Being a surgical resident is an all-consuming profession, especially the way the driven and perfectionist Dr. Bailey pursues it.

Relationship Status… married. Dr. Bailey and her husband, Tucker Jones, have been trying to have a child for seven long years. She knows that her life can’t handle a child right now, but her logic says, “If you’re going to wait for the perfect time to have kids – you’re never going to have kids.”

Challenge… acting as a kind of parent to her surgery interns. The young doctors can be a frightened and jittery bunch, and it’s Dr. Bailey’s duty to mold them into strong, steady and confident surgeons, much like herself.

Personality… full of tough love. While Dr. Bailey may show the world a distant and grumpy mask, on the inside she has a full heart. Being a good doctor often means being compassionate. Dr. Bailey manages to hide that compassion in a strong outer shell, but it’s definitely there in spades. Still, if you fail to live up to your responsibilities, “The Nazi” will make your life a living hell.


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