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The Diary of a Teenage Girl

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Living… in San Francisco in 1976. She lives with her mom and her sister, and she sees her mom’s ex-husband sometimes but he’s not a huge part of her life. Instead, Minnie is immersed in the sex and drugs of her mother’s hippie/punk lifestyle. San Francisco in the 1970s has a lot of offer on those fronts, and Minnie is fully experiencing it.

Profession… high school student. Some day she wants to be a professional cartoonist like her idol Aline Kominsky. Minnie draws as much as she can, constantly imagining her life as illustrations.

Interests… drawing, talking about her life and her body, and sex. Minnie is an introspective teenage girl who is interested in understanding herself and how she fits into the world. She keeps an audio diary filled with all her musings and questions about her life.

Relationship Status… exploring her sexuality. Right now, she’s sleeping with her mother’s boyfriend Monroe. She likes to think that maybe he’s in love with her, or at the very least he thinks about her, but she’s unsure.

Challenge… understanding herself as she grows into a woman. Being a teenage girl is filled with challenges. Minnie is looking for a sense of stability and something to believe in. Her struggle is trying to find that in the people around her.

Personality… inquisitive, bold, and sensitive. Minnie is unsure how she feels about herself; some days she hates her body, and some days she feels the confidence to seduce any man. She quietly takes in the world and makes sense of it as best as she can.

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